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Efficiency, accuracy, and transparency

Xcential’s LegisPro provides drafters of legislation, regulations and other essential rulemaking documents with a browser-based authoring platform that delivers a seamless editing, amending, publishing and codification process. Designed for legislative counsel, law revisors, legal editors, clerks and city attorneys, LegisPro is built specifically to handle the complexities and interconnectedness of laws, regulations and other sets of rules. Modern and flexible, LegisPro can be deployed fully online or as a desktop application. Learn how LegisPro makes the process of lawmaking more efficient, more error free, and more transparent.

LegisPro’s Data-First Approach

Digitizing legislative processes with XML

Legislative and rulemaking documents like laws, amendments, and regulations have well defined, hierarchical structures — ideal content for XML. Titles, chapters, sections, and enacting clauses are all chunks of data that can be “marked up” or tagged in XML, given context and semantic connection, and linked with citations, references, and other elements within other documents.

For Drafters

Legislative and regulatory drafting is full of challenges. Governments must create complex, interconnected documents with precisely accurate wording and structure within very short periods of time. Xcential created LegisPro to solve these challenges, automate legislative drafting tasks with 100% accuracy, and allow you to focus on the substance. LegisPro digitally tracks your changes as data first, and translates every change into the correct amendatory language. Click a button and LegisPro automatically turns your redline into an amending document, conforming to your jurisdiction’s rules.

More About the Drafting Process

For IT Professionals

The old way of modernizing complex legislative systems was to replace all of the components at once, about every 10 or 15 years (or longer). A single modernization project could require as many as five years and enormous expense. By using standard web technologies and a plug-in architecture divided into separate components that can stand alone or be coupled with other existing components, LegisPro lets you modernize more quickly, with agile methodologies, one step at a time. You can add, remove, or customize features to match your jurisdiction’s rules and the functionality you need.

LegisPro Technical Features

Legislative Standards

The U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Government Publishing Office, the U.K. Parliament, and many other national, state, and provincial legislatures have begun managing legislation as data first, using open-source data standards. By managing legislative and regulatory materials as data, governments can efficiently draft and share documents, automatically connect compilations maintained by different offices or agencies, and deliver instant public transparency. Open-source data standards support digital tools and avoid the danger of vendor lock-in. Xcential’s founders helped to develop open-source data standards like Akoma Ntoso and the U.S. Legislative Markup (USLM), and we encourage all governments and vendors to use them.

More About Data Standards

Solutions for All Sizes of Government

LegisPro is purpose-built for drafting and amending legislation and regulations. A web-based platform designed to streamline your complex workflows. Let us show you how.

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