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Laws as the Fundamental Element of Government Digital Transformation

A White Paper for CIOs, IT Leaders, and Civil Administrators

States, cities, counties, and towns are adopting digital operations. Citizens should applaud these efforts. Demands for transparency have grown, populations have grown, along with the complexities to work against the efficiency of legacy processes and systems. What is a minor inefficiency can compound into a mass inefficiency resulting in reduced government services. Therefore it is important to prioritize the digitization of all operations around rules-creation and lawmaking.

What You Will Learn:

● This white paper outlines the existing data problem and available solutions for CIOs, IT leaders and civil administrators in local governments

● Discover what rules and laws as Units of Knowledge can mean for government operations. In short, it unlocks a host of useful applications on top of that digital data.

● Learn what it means to move beyond PDFs and DOCX files to deliver a highly accessible, searchable and organized database of rules, policies, laws, and more.

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A Recipe for Rules as Units of Knowledge

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