Modernize Your Drafting Process With LegisPro

We’re on a mission to drive modernization, efficiency and transparency in how governments make laws, policies and regulations. Since 2002, Xcential’s team has been developing and deploying new and better tools to help governments get there.

At the core of these innovations is Xcential’s LegisPro, a powerful, state-of-the art, web-enabled software platform for legislative and regulatory drafting. This fully configurable technology is setting the standard for a modern and efficient rulemaking work process by combining the ease of using a word processor with the sophistication of an XML editor.

Why Change Your Drafting Process?

While there are many challenges in the world of legislative and regulatory drafting, authoring error-free content under deadline pressure may be the most stressful one. Helping you resolve this issue was at the forefront of our developers’ minds as we created LegisPro, a modern drafting platform with an array of editing features to give you more time to draft complex documents with 100% accuracy.

Why Update Your IT Systems?

Government IT professionals who are not working with today’s state-of-the-art, nimble software development tools are extremely limited in what they can control, configure, and build upon. Upgrading to LegisPro’s web-enabled legislative and regulatory drafting tools will allow you to customize your drafting, amending, publishing, and codification software and improve efficiency, performance, and responsiveness.

Why Support Legislative Standards?

Government organizations today aspire to have access to sophisticated internet-based systems that deliver new ways to link and efficiently draft and share documents, increase public access, and free up drafters and IT teams from vendor lock-in. The path to achieving these goals will be much shorter once common data standards are widely accepted and used to digitally produce, classify and share parliamentary and legislative documents. At Xcential, we strongly support the worldwide adoption of the Akoma Ntoso standards for greater data transparency, improved efficiency and accuracy and reduced cost in the drafting process.

Want To See How LegisPro Works?

This cutting-edge legislative drafting software combines modular components for drafting, editing, amending, linking and publishing government rulemaking documents and can handle a variety of complex data structures, including tables, mathematical formulas, and financial data. Click through the windows below for an overview of the key components of this standards-ready government rulemaking software.

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