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Modernize your legislative drafting process

Xcential provides drafters of legislation, regulations, ordinances, resolutions and other essential rulemaking documents with a digital-first platform that delivers a seamless editing, amending, publishing, and codification process. LegisPro | State and Federal Governments LegisWeb | Cities, Towns, and Counties

Legislative and Regulatory Solutions

Trusted by governments around the world

Xcential technology has been deployed for governments around the world, from California to Washington D.C., Canada to Hong Kong, helping lawmaking bodies modernize centuries-old processes and decades-old systems to match the challenges of a digital age.

Built For The Way You Work

Delivering efficiency, accuracy, and transparency

Designed for legislative counsel, law revisors, legal editors, clerks, and city attorneys, LegisPro is built to handle the complexities and interconnectedness of laws, regulations, and other sets of rules. A modern, browser-based, cloud-ready legislative editing platform, LegisPro drives more efficient, more accurate and more transparent drafting of laws and regulations around the world.

LegisPro offers customizable legislation templates and tools to draft amendments in context and automatically generate complex amending documents – all while collaborating with colleagues on the same document at the same time.

Behind the scenes, LegisPro is built on standard web technologies, with simple plugin options that give legislative IT teams more control over configuration and customization. We know legislative processes are never static – that’s why Xcential provides extensive developer training and support so your team can keep the application in line with changing user needs.

The LegisPro legislative drafting and amending platform has been built to support Akoma Ntoso, the XML standardized data model for the world’s legislative documents, as well as the related U.S. federal standard, USLM (United States Legislative Markup). This means vastly improved legislative search and reporting, plus the assurance your legislative documents are maintained in an open, nonproprietary data format.

Data-first Approach

You write the law, LegisPro writes the code

We help our customers move from a paper-bound world into the new information-based government. LegisPro manages legislative and regulatory materials with a structured “data-first” approach, enabling capabilities far beyond the reach of standard word processors.


“Type once” and publish your legislation in any format

Point-in-time Law

Access the law in effect at a particular time


Amendment generation and engrossment in seconds


Tag your documents for easy future reference and search


Links and references to laws appear as you draft


See how your drafts will change the law in clear detail


Configure LegisPro to match your local rules and traditions


Multi-author drafting made easy with our change set manager

See How LegisPro Works

LegisPro manages legislative and regulatory documents as data. This creates vastly greater precision in drafting and amending and extraordinary opportunities for smart automation. That’s well beyond the capabilities of word processors, which struggle with the multi-layered complexities and requirement of lawmaking.

See our LegisPro video explainer series for an overview of the key components of our standards-enabled government rulemaking software.

Check out the Xcential blog

Our blog is where you can find out how new technologies are changing the lawmaking process. It includes interviews with the world’s leaders in legislative technology modernization efforts, open data standards for legislation, bill drafting applications, and more. You’ll also find updates from Xcential co-founder & CEO Grant Vergottini, a leading authority on the Akoma Ntoso and USLM standards and on the application of XML data to legislation, regulations and government documents.

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