LegisBase – Your Rules as Useful Knowledge

Your curated database of law, ordinance, regulation & policy.

Purpose-built for rule-centered governments, agencies, organization, and enterprises building a digital foundation.

E-services for citizens and workflow for staff are more effective and efficient with LegisBase; when your operations are centered around law, ordinance, policy and/or regulation

LegisBase provides a simple, yet powerful, database where each rule is a useful unit of knowledge to be search, shared, compared, and managed

You decide which bodies of rules are included.

Find your rules and related rules with simple keyword and keyword phrase search. Research across related bodies of law, ordinance, regulation, and policy for planning, compliance, alignment and more.

Copy and paste URLs to specific statutes and sections. This simple feature allows you to direct others to the specific rule referenced in any type of communication or e-service. As you view rules within or across bodies of rules, you can create links between them.

Load multiple rules for comparison, alignment, and consistency. As laws, regulations, ordinances, and policies change; you can now easily ensure related rules are changed as well. Or at least identify misalignment. Easily annotate managed rules. Compare and report on alignment.

Beyond research, LegisBase powers you to manage the workflow & production of change to your rules. A simple and powerful editor is built-in to generate amending documents, approvals, and publication of change.

How does it work for governments (large & small), agencies, associations, and organizations?

  1. You choose the bodies of law, ordinance, policy & regulation to include.
  2. We add those rules. They are converted to structured data using Akomo Ntoso so each rule has a weblink.
  3. Now you, your staff, and your constituents can search, reference, and compare rules!
  4. You decide if your version of LegisBase is private or open to the public.

Consider the power of a single source of truth for all related rules.
It is now easy to implement and simply powerful.

Cloud & Web Centric

Get the benefits of having your most important data stored safely in the cloud, yet accessible via a browser.

Human Support

Real people who care about your documents and the rule of law.

Integration Support

Simple to integrate into workflows (manual or automated). Integrates with agenda management and codification partners.

Open Standard Formats

Supports Akoma Ntoso and USML data formats with standard HTML linking. Your data is portable and future-proofed.

Interested in how we got here? Read this short post.

Read the New White Paper: Laws as a Fundamental Element of Government Digital Transformation
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