LegisWeb makes local lawmaking more efficient, accurate and open

The smarter way to draft local ordinances

Built specifically for the challenge of making and amending local laws, LegisWeb delivers a seamless ordinance drafting, amending and codification process.

No more formatting Word files or chasing paper files – or uncertainty over whether your laws are up to date. LegisWeb uses the power of data to provide a modern, web-based lawmaking platform for city & county attorneys. Modernize your ordinance drafting today.

Built for city and county attorneys, clerks and staff

Smart automation and powerful web-based data tools let you focus on the substance of lawmaking. Generate amending language and documents automatically with 100% accuracy.

LegisWeb enables collaborative work, reduced errors, and quicker codification.

Send your completed ordinance or amending language directly to your codification provider as a Word file or PDF — or as structured XML data —making code updates seamless and error-free.


Which plan is right for you?

Single User

Designed for the individual legislative drafter, LegisWeb’s single user package delivers a modern, online solution for legislative drafting software.

Small Team

Designed for small government drafting offices or law firms handling multiple jurisdictions. Get LegisWeb legislative drafting software for offices with up to 5 users.


Are you part of a large government drafting office or law firm handling many jurisdictions? Contact us directly by visiting xcential.com/contact and learn how LegisPro can help.

It’s “LegisPro Local”

The same platform trusted by governments around the world

LegisWeb delivers the same game-changing technology as LegisPro, but now on a platform designed for local and municipal governments.