LegisWeb – The modern way to draft and amend municipal law

A powerful and easy-to-use platform that helps local attorneys and clerks draft and amend municipal ordinances more efficiently and confidently.

Only $29 per month for cities, towns, and counties.

LegisWeb ensures precision and accuracy in drafting

Starting with the wrong ordinance amending template. Multiple changes and amendments making version control out of control. Time lags between passage of a new ordinance and codification bringing uncertainty over what’s current law.

It’s a recipe for confusion and disorganization in local lawmaking. If you’re a municipal clerk or attorney, this is exactly what you strive to avoid.

And that’s where LegisWeb can help.

LegisWeb gives you a single source of truth for all your working documents including your drafts, ordinances, and resolutions. You can upload a copy of your municipal code from your codification provider to use while drafting. This makes it easy to keep everything organized and easy to access.

LegisWeb provides drafters with a template-driven editing system to ensure documents adhere to your drafting guidelines and are correct the first time. Drag-and-drop text from your code library to ensure you’re always working with the correct text. Automated numbering and reference linking keeps everything consistent and accurate.

LegisWeb’s in-context amending makes it easy to draft amendments to your ordinances and resolutions. The patent-pending Change Set capability groups and associates related changes. Editing in-context automatically generates amendments with amending language and enumerated changes, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

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LegisWeb unlocks the power of the same digital-first drafting solution used by states and the federal government for use by municipal and county governments. This proven solution is built on modern web-based standards throughout. To ensure the long-term preservation of your important documents, they are stored in a non-proprietary legislative data format (LegalDocML) defined by an international standards body.

LegisWeb is the perfect solution for busy local attorneys and clerks who need a reliable and efficient way to draft and amend municipal law.

Only $29 per month per user

LegisWeb includes: human support, unlimited and secure online storage of your lawmaking documents in an open standard format (integrated with your codification provider), templates customized to your official standards, and a trusted partner who cares about the accuracy and survivability of your community’s most important documents. LegisWeb runs on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with no IT requirements.