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LegisPro was specifically designed to meet the challenges you face as a legislative or regulatory drafter and to promote accurate, efficient, and collaborative work

Since 2002, Xcential has helped governments make digital laws and regulations — enabling electronic efficiency, greater accuracy and enhanced transparency in rule making. Xcential’s browser-based software allows governments, at any level, to draft and manage mandates as information and data first — not just as printed page, Word files or PDFs.

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LegisPro makes lawmaking more accurate, efficient, and collaborative

Drafting offices often develop document templates in Word for different bills and document types to save time when crafting a new document. When those templates aren’t stored or updated in a central location (and, instead, are stored in file folders on individual drafter’s hard drive), there is little control over whether the correct template is being used for a drafting project.

LegisPro’s preconfigured templates — designed to match your document types — provide the control you’ve been missing and ensure your work conforms to your drafting rules. LegisPro offers drafters customizable templates for any bill or regulation, stored in a managed, central repository and immediately accessible whenever you are starting a new project.

Amending a bill, law, or regulation traditionally has been a difficult and manual process. Legislative and regulatory professionals have had to draft an amendment as a separate document, and if the amendment is approved, it is then manually entered into the original document. This process often must be performed under severe time pressure.

LegisPro lets you create an amendment in context by directly editing the original document. LegisPro digitally tracks your changes and translates every change into the correct amendatory language. Click the button and LegisPro automatically generates an amending document, conforming to your jurisdiction’s rules.

If an amendment is approved, click another button and LegisPro automatically enters it into the original document. Throughout the process, LegisPro maintains page numbers, line numbers, and citations, as necessary — and logs every change and version.

When multiple professionals collaborate on a complex legislative or regulatory document, every manual activity is an opportunity for error. Legislative professionals manually maintain separate files and versions, email documents back and forth, and rekey changes multiple times.

With LegisPro, multiple drafters can work on a large document simultaneously. An innovative locking function allows one person to focus on a selected paragraph or section, while others work on the rest of the document. When your work on the section is complete and saved, your changes are automatically stitched back into the main document.

And with LegisPro’s Change Set Manager, create and organize as many sets of changes as you like. Color code changes by author or by type. Each set of changes is recorded separately, and every version is tracked.

Policymakers should not be wasting their time figuring out, “How does this thing change this thing?” They should be dealing as much as possible in the realm of ideas, reflecting the will of their constituents and stakeholders, and hammering out deals. All the old-fashioned process stuff should not get in the way.

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The Benefits of Data-First Drafting

LegisPro accurately and automatically tracks every change, by every user

Step 1

Start the process of turning policy changes into a bill or regulation with a document template crafted to match your local rules and traditions – with all the correct structures, automatically configured – and get to work by calling up the laws you’ll need to amend.

  • Drafting
  • Amending
  • Consolidation

Pre-configured templates save time and help enforce drafting rules.

Step 2

Amend in context: LegisPro lets you amend the law or bills in context by directly redline editing the original document. LegisPro tracks your changes and automatically translates your edits into the correct amendatory language and bill format.

  • Drafting Amending
  • Consolidation

Amending in context brings new efficiencies and transparency to the process.

Step 3

Engross amendments or update and consolidate changes to the law or regulations with the click of a button, with 100% accuracy – a massive time saver. Publish your legislation in any format, including PDF, HTML or Word.

  • Drafting Link. Amending Link. Consolidation

A seamless and efficient approach to digital lawmaking.

Access your bill drafting environment remotely

Drafting bills and regulations on a decades-old platform typically locks drafting teams to the office — which doesn’t work in an age of hybrid or fully remote working. Passing around PDFs and other workarounds only add complexity and opportunities for error to an already complex process. This is an aging and almost bygone way of creating rule making documents.

Web-based LegisPro can be accessed from anywhere and enables you to work on your drafting projects anytime. All links, cross-references, and shared materials are automatically updated as you work.

LegisPro offers all the benefits of web-enabled technology, while providing a work environment that looks and feels like conventional desktop-based word processors.

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