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Xcential Legislative Technologies has a long history of getting work done with partners. We want you to join us.

Recent Case Study

Aretum + Xcential

U.S. Library of Congress selected Xcential and Artem to deliver the “Text Analysis (TAP) Replacement Project”. Xcential provided LegisPro including its Compare functionality to process, analyze and compare bills. LegisPro is used to a) identify similar bills from among hundreds of thousands of previous bills, and b) provide a pairwise bill-to-bill textual comparison. Aretum proved the perfect partner to deliver workflow, project management, and integration.

Thank you Aretum!

The “Right Stuff”

Shared Vision

Xcential works with partners who are focused on serving democracies and the rule of law with critical systems to maintain and change law, regulation, policy and related rules. We are dedicated to open standards, efficiency, and transparency.

Trust & Respect

Without trust & respect between partners, the customer suffers. Trust & respect enable real collaboration which leads to meaningful innovation.

Open & Clear Communication

Things get complicated in our shared line of work. We communicate freely and expect the same in return; our shared customers expect and deserve it.

Complementary Strengths

LegisPro brings advanced rule drafting, XML data structures, publication-ready data and documents, APIs and a strong team to help. Partners who can create workflows, configurations, publication sites, and more are a great fit.

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