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  LegisPro Sunrise LegisPro FastTrack LegisPro Enterprise
Price Free Begins at $1,000 per user Negotiate
Best for Evaluators, developers, academia Cities, counties, state regulatory agencies, provinces, small states, small countries Large states, federal agencies, provinces, countries
Models Akoma Ntoso Akoma Ntoso Akoma Ntoso, USLM
Custom Model Available Limited Yes Yes
Web App No Optional Optional
Bespoke apps No No Yes
Desktop app Yes Yes Optional
Plugins Yes Yes Yes (w/Desktop app)
Spell checker Yes Yes Yes (bespoke)
Web services Yes Yes Yes
Amendment generator Yes Yes Yes
Publisher Limited Yes Yes (bespoke)
Document manager plugin Limited Yes Yes (bespoke)
Repository Xcential hosting Customer hosting, partner hosting Custom hosting
Github access No No Yes
Auto-update service Yes Yes Optional
Sales & support Xcential Xcential, partners Xcential, partners
Consulting services No Yes Yes
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux Windows, MacOS, Linux

Desktop: Windows MacOS, Linux


Availability Late 2017 Early 2018 Since 2015