A whole new range of capabilities in legislative drafting

You can choose, control, and configure the LegisPro version that’s right for you and your organization.

Our government rulemaking software is available in three different LegisPro variations – from a free trial option to a full enterprise installation – all of which will modernize and bring data standardization to your drafting process. Whichever product you select for your office, agency or department, you can be confident that it will make your work process much more efficient, accurate, and powerful.

Solutions for All Sizes of Government

Which LegisPro is right for you?

LegisPro FastTrack

Designed for a city, country, state regulatory agency, province, small state or nation, LegisPro FastTrack will affordably modernize your legislative and rule drafting process.

LegisPro Sunrise

Are you an evaluator, developer, or academic who wants to get to know LegisPro? Join the LegisPro community and explore the platform for plugin development, evaluate the product, and see what it means to draft laws as “data first,” all at no cost.

LegisPro Enterprise

Designed for modern legislative counsel offices, serving large governments, U.S. federal agencies, and large states, provinces, or countries, that want to be a leader in legislative and regulatory drafting tools, LegisPro Enterprise is the key to setting the standard.

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