LegisPro – Features for our democratic future!

Move from law as documents to law as digital data. Modernize how you create and amend law, regulation, and policy

Draft with accuracy, efficiency and confidence

Search across your body of rules and related rules

In the cloud, long-term modernization

Drafting features

Custom templates

Customize templates to match your traditions. Drafting always begins with a template to ensure accuracy.

Amend in-context

Patent-pending change sets enable drafters to amend the text of a law or policy in a familiar and easy-to-read way. It is used to show how the legislation or rule will change and how it affects existing law.

Drag-and-drop amending

Drag-and-drop text from your library of law, ordinance, policy, or regulations code into your template.

As expected: tables, links, line-numbering, annotations, signatures, images

LegisPro is the legislative drafting tool that is truly up-to your expectations.

Auto-generate modern approval docs

LegisPro can generate PDFs, HTML, or Word files at the click of a button; automating much of the publishing process for legislatures.

Auto-generate traditional amending docs

LegisPro digitally tracks your changes and translates every change into the correct amendatory language. Click the button and LegisPro automatically generates an amending document, conforming to your jurisdiction’s rules.

Cite and annotate automatically

LegisPro links and manages citations with 100% accuracy and maintains links in its editing features. Drag-and-drop a section of an existing law to begin making your amendments. A citation automatically populates and the reference is automatically created in the database.

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Operations & IT Features

Open data model is awesome

Your rules, all your rules. All in the same data format. Search, compare, relate, share, and use each rule as a useful unit of knowledge. Yes, it is XML (USML and Akoma Ntoso) and was designed for bodies of rules.

Apply analytical tools to help policymakers and citizens better understand the impact of legislative and regulatory proposals.

The model itself means cost savings and efficiency gains for legislative teams. They no longer have to manage and update multiple proprietary data formats (from IBM to Word files) – and can now more easily bring in modern applications to improve legislative processes. “Vendor lock-in” can become a thing of the past.

Each statute has a shareable URL

LegisPro provides a simple, yet powerful, database where each rule is a useful unit of knowledge to be search, shared, compared, and managed

Easily convert to structured data

You choose the bodies of law, ordinance, policy & regulation to include. We add those rules. They are converted to structured data using Akomo Ntoso so each rule has a weblink.

Change logs

LegisPro logs every change and version.

Publication ready

Publish your documents in any format, including PDF, HTML or Word.

More about IT

Researcher features

Research across bodies of rules

Find your rules and related rules with simple keyword and keyword phrase search. Research across related bodies of law, ordinance, regulation, and policy for planning, compliance, alignment and more.

Import rules from PDF, DOC and other file types

Load multiple rules for comparison, alignment, and consistency. As laws, regulations, ordinances, and policies change; you can now easily ensure related rules are changed as well. Or at least identify misalignment. 

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