Lay the groundwork for the future by transitioning
to state-of-the-art, web-centric technologies

LegisPro by Xcential will create a highly responsive and automated legislative and regulatory drafting environment that your IT team can control, configure, and build upon.

IT professionals in the legislative or government agency world are always juggling multiple priorities – from network security issues to elected officials’  iPad malfunctions – and constantly testing, building, installing, repairing, and maintaining the hardware and software associated with their agency’s or organization’s complex computer systems.

Having worked closely with some of the most demanding legislatures around the globe for nearly two decades, the team at Xcential understands that what makes an IT professional’s job even more challenging is when the systems they are working with have not been updated to reflect today’s modern, nimble software development tools. Working with virtually obsolete technology, like WordPerfect, or maintaining the thousands of Word macros necessary to manage document workflow and templates, is a tremendously taxing undertaking for any IT team.

We created the LegisPro web-based legislative and regulatory drafting tool with the mission of providing you with both efficiency and affordability, and built it with an array of features that will improve the performance, responsiveness and power of your drafting, amending, publishing, and codification software, including:

A High Level of Configurability and Extensive Freedom to Customize for Your Needs

We know how it typically goes when you buy software from an outside vendor or pay for a complete overhaul of your IT system. After the process is complete, you’re stuck with exactly how it is – you can’t modify any part of your new, expensive tool to match up with specific needs you have today or in the future.

  LegisPro, however, is not your typical one-size-fits-all software program. Instead, it is our goal to give you, the IT professional, control of the application, to configure it in a way that best works for your needs and your legislative or government agency users, and to ensure that you are never locked down to one vendor’s product. Every aspect of LegisPro is configurable and programmable, from terminology and document hierarchy to renumbering rules and amending language, just to name a few of the many aspects that can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

In general, configurability is accomplished using XML or JSON configuration files, while more algorithmically challenging needs are met using JavaScript handlers. In addition, with our platform-based, open-standards approach, you can also build customized plug-ins for your LegisPro version to really make the application your own. With no proprietary vendor requirements, LegisPro allows you and your IT team to independently configure, customize, and decide how you want to implement future improvements.

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An Architecture With Multiple Components, Giving You Unlimited Flexibility

The traditional way of updating your technology stack, whether for drafting or another area, is to do a total refresh about every 10 years. We don’t have to tell you what a nightmarish process this can be, particularly when it can take as many as five years to simply get the new system up and running, costing your office, agency, or organization millions of dollars.  

  LegisPro enables a totally new way for you to update your drafting technology – a stress-free, step-by-step approach. Because the LegisPro tool is divided into separate components that can stand alone, be coupled with other components to produce various bespoke applications, or be used all together for the full LegisPro product experience, you do not have to replace your current system in one fell swoop. Instead, you can gradually implement this software, starting by plugging in specific components of the LegisPro Editor that you require for drafting projects that are being worked on right now, and then, later on, adding in other components as needed. With the multi-component architecture of LegisPro, you can avoid a massive, high-risk, and expensive full-system replacement project. Simply work your way, one step at a time, to a modern and affordable legislative and regulatory drafting process.

A Web-Centric Approach That Works with Today’s Modern Browsers

We know you’ve probably tried to convince your drafters to transition to new legislative and regulatory drafting tools in the past and, inevitably, one of the major sticking points has been their attachment to working in the Word environment for document creation. However, as you are keenly aware, this platform is a poor choice for modern drafting needs for a number of reasons. It is a decades-old mode of programming that lacks the rich platform required for building complex applications, is not built on truly open standards, and has very limited customization capabilities.

  One of the greatest features of LegisPro is that it actually bridges the gap between the modern technology platform that your IT team desires and the document creation environment drafters are comfortable working in. With LegisPro, your legislative office, agency or organization can have the best of both worlds – drafters get the usability and familiarity of a Word-like, desktop application, while IT gets to work with a browser-based application with all of its benefits. In addition, the software can be web- or desktop-based so that your drafters can work with it on their browser or load it onto their desktops, whichever they prefer, while the tool is always communicating with your server.

Technologies such as HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, and the entire XML technology stack are core to the architecture of LegisPro and this application supports all modern XML and web standards, including HTML5, XPath, WebDav and CSS. In addition, you can configure LegisPro to work optimally within any current network security structures and integrate seamlessly into your existing legislative management and workflow systems.

Data Standardization That Enables More Innovation and Control

If there is one common grievance that we have heard from IT teams everywhere, it’s that they feel “imprisoned” by the very technology they are dedicated to supporting. We get it – when you are locked into a proprietary legislative and regulatory drafting system that requires you to work with specific vendors, it can be extremely detrimental to workflow efficiency and completely stifling to technological innovation.

  Conversely, standardized data structures, which the entire LegisPro product line has been designed to support, free up IT teams to design considerable customization into their technology. At Xcential, we strongly support in the Akoma Ntoso (LegalDocML) standard legislative data model, as well as its related U.S. standard, USLM (United States Legislative Markup).  These standards are rapidly gaining acceptance around the world because they not only support superior work processes for all drafters and IT professionals, but also enable greater data transparency and accessibility for all citizens, programmers, and the academic community. When you make the investment in LegisPro, you will be well prepared for the future and the imminent data standardization of all legislative and regulatory documents.

We understand that implementing a new software platform can’t happen without mutual agreement between your IT team and the drafting team(s) you are assigned to. So, how will you communicate LegisPro’s benefits to your drafters without drowning them in technological information like XML configuration files and JavaScript handlers? We recommend using our Legislative Drafting information as a conversation guide for talking to your drafters about how LegisPro is going to make their workflow better, faster, and more economical, with 100% accuracy.

In 2002, Xcential launched a mission to transform the legislative and regulatory process. Now, through LegisPro, our state-of-the-art, web-enabled and standards-based rulemaking software, we believe that we will forever change the way you think about legislative and regulatory drafting technology. Modernize your document drafting today with the LegisPro version that’s right for you.