Make your work process better, faster, and more economical
by transitioning to today’s modern government drafting tools

LegisPro by Xcential was specifically designed to meet the challenges you face as a legislative or regulatory drafter and to promote accuracy, efficiency and collaborative work.

For nearly two decades, the team at Xcential has partnered with legislatures around the globe to identify strategies and design products that will bring modernization, efficiency and transparency to the most important work that you do – government law- and rule-making.

We know that fully embracing these advancements is sometimes easier said than done. The idea of transitioning out of your familiar word processing programs can be overwhelming.

So, it is very fair to ask the question, “Why should I consider a makeover for our drafting process, now or ever?”

The Xcential team understands there are many challenges in the world of legislative and regulatory drafting, from crafting on-target amendment language to dealing with late-night deadlines. But, there is perhaps nothing more stress-invoking than the fear of making an error in the content you are drafting. Solving this issue was at the forefront of our developers’ minds as we created LegisPro, and it is why we built our drafting platform with an array of features that are focused on promoting extreme accuracy.

Choose the Right Document Template, Every Time

Every day, drafting teams work with a variety of common document types – appropriations bills, a bill about the environment, a bill about insurance, regulatory guidance on health insurance, etc. Over time, drafting offices have developed starting templates for multiple bill and document types, sparing the time waste of wheel reinvention on every new document. In many offices, we’ve found that these time-saving templates aren’t stored or updated in a central location, and, instead, that they’re stored in file folders on an individual drafter’s C: drive. As you may have experienced yourself, this means there is very little control over whether the latest and greatest – or even the correct – template is being used for any particular project.

 LegisPro provides the template control you’ve been missing. This powerful software offers drafters multiple templates for drafting that can be customized specifically for your traditions and the kind of bill or regulation you are working on. More important, these templates are stored in a central repository and will be immediately accessible whenever you are starting a new project, so you never again have to worry about working off of an old template.

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Draft Amendments In Context and Automatically Generate Amendments in Seconds

You know the hours upon hours of work that amendment generation can take. It’s very often an arduous and deadline-pressured process, in which you have to draft amendments separately from the original bill it is referring to, and then, if approved, stitch those amendments back into the original bill. More than one drafter has told us that this process is the cause of a significant number of overnight shifts for drafting teams.

 The LegisPro tool flips the entire amendment generation process on its head. You can draft in context – in other words, directly in the bill or other document you are crafting –  and track your changes, just like you can in a Word document. Once you have written in all the recommended changes to your document, you simply click a button and let LegisPro do all the work. Each change you’ve made will get spun out as an amendment that can be voted on. Then, when the amendment language is approved, all you have to do to make your changes part of the bill is click another button indicating which amendments have been accepted. LegisPro’s in-context amending plus auto-amendment generation will save you massive amounts of time and energy. Plus, the software will maintain page and line numbers and update all the links to affected laws with 100% accuracy.

Your Drafting Team Can Collaborate on the Same Document, at the Same Time

Pulling together a drafting team to work on the same document – say, a 400-page bill – can be a logistical and error-prone nightmare. In many offices, drafters working on the same measure will be using separate Word files, emailing sections back and forth to each other, or even printing out pages upon pages of changes and manually retyping these edits back into the master document – all while under the pressure of a looming deadline. This inefficient process exposes drafters to a huge potential for error.

 With LegisPro, multiple drafters can work on separate parts of a document simultaneously. An innovative locking function allows each team member to work on a specific paragraph or section while other drafters on the team are working on their designated sections. Your LegisPro tool will keep track of all of the changes that are being made.

Be Connected to Your Documents – and Work from Anywhere, at Anytime

When you are drafting amendments on a decades-old platform like Word, or in another similarly outdated document environment, you are not only locked into a fixed document model that must be used regardless of actual need, but you are also stuck behind your desk. In addition, when your work is not web-based, you have limited access to critical drafting tools and resources you may need as you work. This is an aging and almost bygone way of creating documents.

 LegisPro can be accessed virtually from wherever you work. Because the platform is web-based, you can have anytime-access to the statutes or other documents you have been working on and you can be certain that all links, cross-references and shared materials are being automatically updated as you work. But, perhaps the aspect you will enjoy the most about LegisPro, is that it can offer all the benefits of web-enabled technology, while creating a work environment that’s a lot like the old word processor you’re familiar with.  

The transition from familiar drafting tools to a much more modern solution can be a frustrating process. However, if you choose to upgrade to the LegisPro drafting platform, you won’t have to worry about making the tradeoff between the power of the latest in legislative technology and the functionality of your favorite, but outdated, applications. We’ve worked to mirror – and improve – many of your current drafting tools. Yes – you’ll still be able to cut, paste, undo and redo. Whether you’re working on your desktop or laptop, at the office or from home, LegisPro will look and feel like Word, but enable you to do so much more!

Designed specifically for the creation of essential government documents, LegisPro will make you feel much more confident and in control of the complex drafting process. By automating many of your routine, but extremely detailed, tasks, including amendment generation and citation and version control, our web-based software ensures that you are drafting and amending the highest quality, error-free legislation, regulations, policies, orders and more.

We believe that LegisPro by Xcential will forever change the way you think about document drafting. Modernize today with the LegisPro version that’s right for you.