Xcential and Lexum Announce Strategic Partnership to Streamline the Drafting and Publishing of Legislative/Regulatory Documents

Originally published February 3, 2021 by Lexum — Click here for French translation.

When it comes to producing statutes, regulations, or policies, governments are facing challenges on several fronts. On one of these, Xcential Legislative Technologies has been providing solutions to modernize the drafting process of rulemaking documents since 2002. On another, Lexum has been helping regulatory bodies disseminate their material over the web since 1993. Today, both companies are pleased to announce that documents created with Xcential’s LegisPro technology can now be published seamlessly on government public and internal websites using Lexum’s Decisia and Qweri solutions.

LegisPro enables legislative drafters to produce feature-rich XML documents with the ease of using a word processor. Once done, the resulting documents can be submitted automatically to one of Lexum’s solutions generating the public access website, indexing them for search and making them available to the proper audience.

“This integration enables our clients to benefit from a complete turnkey suite for the production of legislative and regulatory information, leveraging the respective strengths of established market leaders at each step of the process” said Ivan Mokanov, President of Lexum.

“We’re delighted to provide our government customers a complete and thoroughly modern solution – from drafting through publishing to the web,” added Mark Stodder, President of Xcential. “Lexum’s powerful tools for search and display of legislative data deliver dynamic new tools to both legislative counsel in the drafting process and the public wanting to fully access the law.”

Both Xcential and Lexum strongly believe in open standards, web-enabled technologies, and the benefit of interconnections between platforms. The integration between LegisPro and Lexum’s solutions aims at eliminating the need for custom software development by government bodies involved in modernizing how they produce our laws, thus reducing the risks, delays, and costs often associated with such projects. Legislative and regulatory drafters interested in learning more about this approach are invited to get in touch with either company for a joint demo.

About Xcential

Xcential Legislative Technologies is a world leader in providing software products and technical solutions for the challenge of legislative and regulatory drafting, amending and consolidation. Its core product is LegisPro™, a web-based authoring tool specifically designed for drafting and amending legislation. LegisPro’s “data-first” approach utilizes modern standards-based technologies to bring greater efficiency, accuracy and transparency to the process of rulemaking.

Based in California and established in 2002, Xcential has delivered its unique software solutions and LegisPro technologies to governments around the world, including the U.S. House, the U.S. Government Publishing Office, the California Office of Legislative Counsel, the U.K. and Scottish Parliaments and the Hong Kong Department of Justice.

About Lexum

Lexum is a software company that designs and operates online legal information delivery products. Lexum specializes in the management and the publishing of legal information over the internet.

The company is well-known for its impact on the Canadian legal sector, where it began operating in 1993 by collaborating with the Supreme Court of Canada to publish the Court’s decisions on the internet. Since then, Lexum has had the opportunity to provide information management, publishing and search services to many North American legal institutions, including Canada’s Department of Justice, the Judiciary of Arkansas, and the New Mexico Compilation Commission, to name only a few.

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