Legislatures Around the World Gather to Discuss Digital Transformation at Parliamentarism Day 2021

Bússola Tech’s June 30th conference featured prominent civil servants from legislative houses around the world, politicians in leading institutional positions, entrepreneurs, and academics to discuss the evolution of digital transformation in legislatures. 

The conference, held on the International Day of Parliamentarism, included:

  • Brazilian Senate House, represented by Senator Antonio Anastasia (Former Vice President of the Brazilian Senate House) 
  • National Democratic Institute, represented by Frieda Arenos, 
  • Hellenic Parliament, represented by Fotios Fitsilis
  • Manifest Coding Technologies, represented by Adrian Kelly 
  • Xcential Legislative Technologies, represented by Mark Stodder. 

Programming highlights:

In a panel discussion covering “Institutional Leadership in the Modernization Process,” experts debated political considerations involved in modernization projects. Panelists included Leonardo Barbosa, the former Clerk in the Brazilian House of Representatives and current Director of the Interlegis from the Brazilian Senate House; Fotios Fitsilis, of the Hellenic Parliament / OCR Team; Marci Harris, CEO of PopVox; and Mark Stodder, President of Xcential Legislative Technologies, and was moderated by Luís Kimaid, Bússola Tech’s CEO.

Additional panels, featuring the EU parliament, UK Parliament, Brazilian Senate House, Hellenic Parliament, Trinidad and Tobago Parliament, Brazilian House of Representatives and also organizations like House Democracy Partnership and OECD, included: 

  • The future of the legislative houses. How can legislatures harness the power of technology into the legislative process?
  • Interparliamentary Cooperation for the Digital Transformation of legislatures.
  • Digital transformation strategies in legislative Houses: Women Leadership in civil service

The event, which was brought together in partnership with Xcential Legislative Technologies, Manifest Coding Technologies, PopVox, and Openlegis, was designed to help build a framework for legislative modernization and digital transformation in the post-Covid era. 

Full videos available:

Parliamentarism Day 2021 programming can be accessed free of charge simply by creating an account at: https://www.bussola-tech.co

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