Data First — Year in Review

Over the past twelve months, our Data First newsletter has featured interviews with government executives from around the world, founders and CEOs leading digital transformation efforts in the private sector, entrepreneurs, and academics discussing the modernization of legislative and regulatory drafting. Each conversation gave us a unique perspective on where the law- and rule-making world is headed — and some reminded us just how far we’ve come. 

Version Control for Law: Tracking Changes in the U.S. Congress

Interview with Esper Founder Maleka Momand

State Legislatures of the Future: Interview with Xcential Co-Founder Bradlee Chang

Data First Lawmaking Enables True Transparency, Not Just Access to Information

Modernizing the “High Speed Handoff” between the Legislative and Executive: An Interview with Treasury’s Adam Goldberg and Justin Marsico

From Conceptual Markups to Actual Text: How a Data First Approach can Help the Senate Finance Committee

Machine-Readable and Machine-Executable Legislation: A View of the Future, from the Island of Jersey

Digital Transformation in the Legislative Branch: An interview with Mark Stodder and Luís Kimaid

Legislative Tech in the Time of COVID-19: An Interview with Illinois Rep. Will Guzzardi

Optimism for the Digital Future of Legislation: An Interview with POPVOX Founder Marci Harris

How to Write Rules and Regulations as Data: An Interview with Bank of England’s Angus Moir

Two Decades of Congressional Tech Modernization: An Interview with Daniel Schuman

Building Regulation Management Software with User-Centered Design: A Case Study

Meet Mark Montoya | Chief of Data Strategy, FDIC

Grant Vergottini on LEX2021 “Law as Code” Summer School

Interview with Lexum’s Pierre-Paul Lemyre

Interview with GPSL’s Gareth Oakes

Democratizing Access To Legal Information: The Story of Fastcase with CEO Ed Walters

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