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Delivering technology-enabled solutions to the legislative branches and regulatory agencies of government.

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What we do

Xcential is transforming the legislative and regulatory process, delivering cloud-enabled rulemaking software to the legislative branches and regulatory agencies of government…More

We Work to the Standards

We helped create the digital standards for legislative documents now gaining acceptance around the world. That means greater efficiency and lower costs for government – and vast new opportunities for transparency, legislative data linking and deeper understanding and awareness of government activity…More

Our Experience

Xcential has helped solve legislative and regulatory drafting challenges around the world – from Washington to California to Hong Kong… More

What We Enable

Designed with the attorney-drafter in mind, our LegisPro products provide standardized platforms that are fully configurable to match the unique local processes and customs of government, enabling and empowering in-house or local IT teams… More


Our Products

Greater Efficiency and Transparency

Xcential’s SaaS-based solutions enable legislatures and regulatory agencies to more efficiently create, manage, track and publish legislation and regulations for their constituents.

Our LegisPro FastTrack products transform yesterday’s manual, main frame or word-processor-bound systems into today’s modern, XML-based data platforms.

We help government answer the call for greater data transparency while dramatically increasing efficiency.

Three things you should know about working with Xcential’s team

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California to Washington, Hong Kong to Chile

Xcential has helped solve legislative and regulatory drafting challenges around the world. Click images!

White Papers

Leading the thinking, sharing solutions

Most of our work, along with links to others’ explorations and debates about legal informatics and XML, can be found at our blog, Xcential’s team regularly publishes white papers and the shares its research on legislative technologies and legal informatics.

Authentication of Primary Legal Materials and Pricing Options
Xcential’s Brad Chang was the lead author of a study of how governments can implement new digital authentication requirements in recent model legislation from the Uniform Law Commissioners. More Here.

Making Laws with XML: The View from the State of California’s Legislative Counsel Bureau
This paper wasn’t authored by Xcential but we’re very proud of its findings: it details the challenge faced by California in transforming its drafting and publishing process. The paper was authored by InfoTrends’ Mike Maziarka and Omri Dueke. More Here.


Help Us Redefine Government

If you are passionate about the mechanics and flow of how laws and public policy come to be – and how that process could work better –
Xcential may be the place for you.

We’re hiring full-time developers in the field of legal informatics – applying advanced software technologies to improve the process of creating and managing the laws that govern us.

The state and national legislative process is a complex blend of document manipulation and human interaction. We are seeking software developers who want to live in that nexus.

The positions we’re filling can be located at our headquarters in Encinitas, Calif., or, if you’re a strong independent worker who communicates really well, anywhere. Our developers need to have a strong skill set in some or all of the following: XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XQuery, XSL-FO, Regular Expressions, HTTP/Web Dev, JavaScript, Python, document processing. They’re interested in the law and politics and, generally, how the world – and legislation – works. And they’re interested in helping to lead a technological transformation in some of the most critical functions of government and democracy.

Could this be you? If you think so, send a note to us, at


Xcential’s management team brings years of experience working with government information processes and products, taking on the technology challenges of legislatures and regulatory agencies. The company was founded in 2002.

Our Happy Clients

Send us a note to learn more about Xcential’s products and solutions and how we can help make those 19th century legislative processes work in a cloud-based world. Let’s talk.