Modern tools for the modern counsel

Designed specifically for the creation of essential government documents, LegisPro lets you focus on your top-priority tasks: drafting and amending highest-quality and error-free legislation, regulations, policies, orders and more. Learn how to transform your document drafting tools to the modern way — LegisPro FastTrack.

The affordable path to modernization

Finally, an affordable path out of legacy drafting systems that puts your technology team in charge. Today’s government IT teams require agile, modular solutions that demonstrate step-by-step improvements and modernization – and make the most of today’s software development tools. Find out how LegisPro can deliver results today.

Designed for AKN and USLM

Xcential’s commitment to international and U.S. standards for legislative and regulatory documents runs deep. LegisPro is the legal drafting and amending tool designed specifically for the Akoma Ntoso and USLM models. Now, we’re opening up our LegisPro platform to give developers and the legal informatics academic community the opportunity to build on those standards. Learn more about opportunities to participate.

Modernize with LegisPro

The challenge

LegisPro answers the challenge legislative and government counsels give to their IT support teams: modernize our drafting and amending tools but keep it simple. Don’t lose the familiar ease of a word processor, but give us the power and automation of a modern, web-based, data-driven application.

Powerful combination

The look and feel of a word processor, but with more. LegisPro can be precisely tailored to meet the needs of your drafting rules while underneath it’s a true XML editor. Designed specifically for legislative, regulatory, and other government documents, LegisPro delivers a powerful combination to the professionals who draft those documents and the IT staff who support them.

Find out today how to get started with LegisPro – and how to download our free trial version.

Worldwide Clients

LegisPro by Xcential has helped solve legislative and regulatory drafting challenges around the world.