LegisWeb makes local lawmaking more efficient, accurate and open

The smarter way to draft local ordinances

Designed specifically for the challenge of making and amending local laws, LegisWeb delivers a seamless ordinance drafting, amending and codification process.

No more formatting Word files or chasing paper documents — or uncertainty over whether your laws are up to date.

Drag & drop your existing municipal Word files with ease to get started in just a few clicks.

LegisWeb also provides drafters with an interface to manage document metadata, tag and reference information, and work within a structured format purpose-built for legislative drafting and rulemaking.

LegisWeb uses the power of data to provide a modern, web-based lawmaking platform for city & county attorneys. Modernize your ordinance drafting today.

An early access look at LegisWeb Beta where drafters can take advantage of a full feature-set to easily tag, cite, and reference legislation all within an intuitive and well structured editor.
Drafters and document editors can easily collaborate across teams and export to PDF in one-click. Seamlessly share and transfer to codifiers or keep electronic files for safekeeping and as a digital first record that can be searched and reviewed at any time.

Built for city and county attorneys, clerks and staff

Smart automation and powerful web-based data tools let you focus on the substance of lawmaking. Generate amending language and documents automatically with 100% accuracy.

LegisWeb enables collaborative work, reduced errors, and quicker codification.

Our Code Connect option sends your ordinance changes directly to your codification provider – making codification seamless and error-free.


Single User and Team Plans Available

Single User

Designed for the individual legislative drafter, LegisWeb’s single user package delivers a modern, online solution for legislative drafting software.

Small Team

Designed for small government drafting offices or law firms handling multiple jurisdictions. Get LegisWeb legislative drafting software for offices with up to 5 users.


Are you part of a large government drafting office or law firm handling many jurisdictions? Contact us directly by visiting xcential.com/contact and learn how LegisPro can help.

It’s “LegisPro Local”

The same platform trusted by governments around the world

LegisWeb delivers the same game-changing technology as LegisPro, but now on a platform designed for local and municipal governments.