White Papers

Posted on 07 Sep 2014 Comments Off on White Papers

Most of our work, along with links to others’ explorations and debates about legal informatics and XML, can be found at our blog, Legix.info. Xcential’s team regularly publishes white papers and the shares its research on legislative technologies and legal informatics.

Authentication of Primary Legal Materials and Pricing Options
Xcential’s Brad Chang was the lead author of a study of how governments can implement new digital authentication requirements in recent model legislation from the Uniform Law Commissioners. More Here.

Making Laws with XML: The View from the State of California’s Legislative Counsel Bureau
This paper wasn’t authored by Xcential but we’re very proud of its findings: it details the challenge faced by California in transforming its drafting and publishing process. The paper was authored by InfoTrends’ Mike Maziarka and Omri Dueke. More Here.