What we do

Posted on 07 Sep 2014 Comments Off on What we do

We transform the drafting, amending, publishing and codification of legislation and regulations from antiquated 19th and 20th century technology – pencils, paper, word processors and PDFs – into the machine-readable, cloud-ready and digitally efficient platform required by today’s citizens.

We’re not system integrators or IT consultants: we’re a product company, focused on delivering solutions that transform the complicated tasks of drafting and codifying laws and regulations – increasing opportunities for greater efficiency, collaboration and transparency in the creation of content at the core of government.

Delivered to our customers via “software as a service” (SaaS), our LegisPro product lines ease the transition to XML standards without the costly pain of years’-long IT overhaul projects and endless custom consulting contracts. Because we helped create the standards, our software works with the USLM and Akoma Ntoso/LegalDocML schemas.

We’re specialists in content creation in structured data formats. That means our cloud-based software can be applied to the challenges of creating a range of government information required to be digital platform ready, from agency directives to policy statements, research reports and other legal material.

For more about our LegisPro products, go here.