Modern tools for the modern legislative counsel

Ease of a word processor, power of data

Designed specifically for the creation of essential government documents, LegisPro lets you focus on your top priority tasks: drafting and amending highest-quality and error-free legislation, regulations, policies, orders and more.

Automate routine tasks – including amendment generation, citation and version control – while working on a collaborative, data-driven platform. All with the familiar look, feel and ease of your favorite word processor – but so much more powerful.

Through our years working with legislative counsel and legislative IT professionals, we’ve come to understand the fine balance between keeping the technology out of the drafter’s way – and keeping the technology modern enough to meet today’s requirements. Old word processing programs running hundreds of macros may make for a comfortable drafting environment – but it’s a nightmare for IT to maintain.

And it’s incredibly limiting – depriving you and your drafting teams from modern data innovations and opportunities for automation, new efficiencies and tools for deeper legal analysis.

LegisPro’s 5 most popular features for drafters:

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    In-Context Amending

    We call it “red-lining on steroids.” Craft your amendments directly on your draft – just like change-tracking in Word – and watch LegisPro maintain page and line numbers and update all the links to affected laws. With 100% accuracy.

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    Auto-Amendment Generation

    Press a button and watch those red-lines and inserts become individual amendments, ready for consideration. A massive time saver.

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    Unlimited templates

    Every jurisdiction has its unique style and approach – you can easily configure and control your templates to match local custom and requirements.

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    Web-based option

    Just like so many of the modern applications you use outside the office. And LegisPro can be configured for both desktop and web access.

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    Collaborative work

    Because you can lock access down to individual sections or paragraphs, your teams can work simultaneously on the same draft. No more worries about version control.

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