The affordable path to modernization

Sprint to an agile solution

Finally, an affordable path out of legacy drafting systems that puts your technology team in charge.

Government technology professionals understand that the era of big, budget-busting system replacement projects has passed. More than ever, government IT teams require agile, modular solutions that demonstrate step-by-step improvements and modernization – and make the most of today’s software development tools.

LegisPro’s XML standards-based approach delivers maximum flexibility and control, integrating with existing legislative management and workflow systems. That means you can configure and customize, decide how to stage improvements and not be frustrated by proprietary vendor requirements.

We’ve always focused on being the best at delivering innovative drafting, amending, publishing and codification software. That single focus means we can bridge the gap between demanding users – attorney drafters – and government IT teams juggling multiple priorities.

LegisPro’s top 5 features:

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    A sophisticated XML editor, LegisPro is based the standards for legislative XML schema gaining increasing acceptance by governments around the world. That means you won’t be locked into one vendor’s data structure – which likely won’t hold up through future modernizations.

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    Standards-based architecture

    LegisPro supports all modern XML and web standards, including HTML5, XPath, WebDav and CSS.

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    Best of breed

    Because LegisPro focuses on document drafting, you can take a “best of breed” approach to modernization. We play well with others, from workflow to agenda management to voting system providers

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    One step at a time

    LegisPro can plug into many existing systems, giving you a path to step-by-step modernization. Avoid massive, high-risk full system replacement projects and work your way, one step at a time, to modernization.

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    Our user licenses can be acquired on a perpetual or SaaS basis, giving multiple options to fit within your limited budgets.

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