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What we do
Xcential is transforming the legislative and regulatory process, delivering technology-enabled solutions to the legislative branches and regulatory agencies of government.

We help transform the drafting, editing, amending and codification process from 19th and 20th century forms – pencils, paper, word processors and PDFs – to the efficient, rigorous and transparent database structures ready for 21st century challenges.

Xcential’s high-level consulting services and LegisPro Author, LegisPro Publisher and LegisWeb product lines have been solving the problems of drafters and codifiers for more than a decade.

What you can do
Be a part of Xcential’s effort to bring best practices, greater transparency and XML-based open standards to today’s legislative processes. Read and contribute to our industry-leading blog,

We’re active participants in OASIS-supported efforts “to advance worldwide best practices for the use of XML within a Parliaments’, Assembly’s or Congress’ document management process.” OASIS is the global consortium of citizens, governments and businesses driving the development and adoption of e-business standards.

We regularly help organize and sponsor hackathons to further the exploration of XML legislative standards and Akoma Ntoso, the OASIS- and UN-promoted effort to bring standardized XML schema to parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents. We’ve worked with UC Hastings in Berkeley and the University of Bologna in Italy, pulling together some of the best new thinking on XML approaches. Go here to learn more about our events.

And go here – our Legix blog – to be a part of the community exploring the power of XML conversion and standards for the legislative and regulatory process.

Case Studies
Xcential has helped solve legislative and regulatory drafting challenges around the world – from Washington to California to Hong Kong.

In 2013, Xcential began work on a major, multi-year modernization of the drafting and codification process at U.S. House, applying the XML standards and structures to the nation’s most important legislative body. As a first step – and one full of meaning for open government advocates – Xcential created an XML version of the U.S. Code for public release. See the announcement by Speaker John Boehner here.

For nearly a decade, Xcential has helped the California legislature and its Legislative Counsel Bureau stay at the forefront of legislative technology, creating greater transparency for citizens and better work processes for legislative counsel and representatives. See a whitepaper on the state’s continuing efforts and Xcential’s role here.

Xcential has assisted legislative counsels and IT directors worldwide, from Salt Lake City to Santiago, Chile, to Hong Kong.

Contact & Consult
Main-frame breakdowns. Word processor shortcomings. Old software unsupported by forgotten vendors. Drafters who can’t see a reason to update decades-old systems. IT directors burned by failed system integration projects.

Xcential’s team has seen each of these challenges. Xcential’s assignments with legislatures and regulatory agencies most often begin with an informal consultation, exploring the challenges presented by unstable, out-of-date systems and citizen pressure for greater openness and access to the process.

First, we explore the challenges and understand the unique issues for your legislative or regulatory agency. Often improvements and modernization can be incremental and gradual – which can be a be a better way to go with limited budgets.

Or Xcential can assist in crafting the requirements of an RFP and install the modern, open approaches that can be transformative.

And because Xcential’s approach starts with open standards and accepted technologies, you won’t be stuck with a proprietary system and an endless and restricted support contract. Contact Xcential today: or call (760) 632-1400