Our Experience

Posted on 07 Sep 2014 Comments Off on Our Experience

We’re the leaders in developing the field of legislative technology.

Since 2004, every legislative proposal in the California Legislature has been drafted, amended and, if approved, published and codified on systems and software designed by Xcential.

We’ve continued to help the California Legislature and Counsel Bureau stay at the forefront of legislative technology, creating greater transparency for citizens and better work processes for drafters, representatives and staff. See a whitepaper on the state’s continuing efforts and Xcential’s role here.

In 2013, Xcential began work on a major, multi-year modernization of the drafting, amending and codification process at U.S. House, installing our software and applying the XML standards and structures to the nation’s most important legislative body. As a first step – and one full of meaning for open government proponents – Xcential created an XML version of the U.S. Code for public release. See the announcement by Speaker John Boehner here.

Xcential has installed its XML-based legislative software at legislatures and government agencies overseas, including Chile and Hong Kong.

For more about our LegisPro products, go here.