Designed for Akoma Ntoso and USLM

Promoting the Standards

Xcential’s commitment to international and U.S. standards for legislative and regulatory documents runs deep. LegisPro is the legal drafting and amending tool designed for the Akoma Ntoso and USLM models.

We’ve helped create and promote those legislative XML standards, working with the OASIS Committee on the development of Akoma Ntoso/LegalDocML and with U.S. Congressional officials on USLM/United States Legislative Markup.

In the U.S., Xcential’s work with the Congressional Bulk Data Task Force on the USLM standard continues. The Task Force’s efforts on XML standards have received the strong support of Congressional leadership – including encouragement by the House Speaker. Around the world, adoption of the AKN standard continues, with the U.K. and Scottish Parliaments most recently leading the way (and with LegisPro at the heart of the U.K. Archives’ Legislative Drafting, Amending and Publishing Project – LDAPP).

These standards create a path toward greater information interoperability and transparency and a non-proprietary platform for the development of new tools and applications for legal document creation and analysis.

We’re opening up our LegisPro platform to give developers and the legal informatics academic community an opportunity to build on the standards and do even more.

Our goal is to stimulate a community of legislative application builders and to enable further research and groundbreaking pursuits at leading institutions such as the LEX School at University of Bologna in Italy and, in the U.S., at the Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School and the CodeX Program of Stanford Law School.

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